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I am a data scientist and an engineer. I am doing independent consultant related to machine learning and computer vision while pursuing my M.Sc in Business Analytics and Big Data at Politecnico di Milano in Milan, Italy. I was an experienced professional with 2 years of experience working as an Expert Data Scientist (Computer Vision) at Asia Pulp and Paper in Jakarta, Indonesia, one of the largest pulp and paper manufacturing companies in the world.

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I developed computer vision models for tree counting and LiDAR mostly in Python and open-source Geographic Information System (GIS) tools such as QGIS. I have experience in operating with large databases in SQL and as a Project Manager, I led a team that developed dashboards for Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) and waste management using PowerBI for top management in my company.

Outside, I am passionate about tech consulting. I have worked with at least 2 start-up enterprises in the development of computer vision models for orange fruit counting and oil palm fresh fruit bunch counting. I am passionate about education. I delivered industrial capstone training for students with Orbit Future Academy and taught at Marietta College in Ohio. With my passion for research, I have written at least 3 papers in IEEE journal and international conferences.